The Omni Range – by FLOOD-IT.

Now available, the OMNI range is in another class of build quality. Made with the finest aluminium and poly-carbonate materials, these lights are truly built to last. With new advances in LED technology, the OMNI lights are smaller, lighter and more efficient than ever before.

OMNI10 | 1000+ lumen

Part number: TKOM10

A new level in quality and performance, the OMNI10 is built for professional use. This ultra compact floodlight is revolutionary in its design. The 167x120x40mm size and solid aluminium casing makes it the new standard for a 10W LED.
This is ultra portable lighting taken to a stylish new level. Incredibly bright and compact enough to fit in confined spaces, the OMNI10 is perfect for applications like automotive, construction, maintenance, surveying + many more.

  • Super compact 10W LED Light
  • Aluminium & Polycarbonate construction
  • Multi-use bracket for hanging/holding
  • USB charging dock for smartphones etc
  • 20W version available

OMNI20 | 1800+ lumen

Part number: TKOM20

A new level in quality and performance, the OMNI20 is built for professional use. Incorporating an auxiliary power input, this portable floodlight can be power by a generator or its 6 hour run time detachable battery.

Balancing out power consumption and heat dissipation means it uses less energy to deliver the same great light output.

  • Detachable 6 hour Li-Ion battery
  • Aluminium & Polycarbonate construction
  • Magnetic feet built in
  • USB charging dock for smartphones etc
  • Hard-wired or battery operated

OMNI50 | 3500+ lumen

Part number: TKBT50

A new level in quality and performance, the OMNI50 is built for professional use. Combining stunning light output with a Bluetooth speaker and an additional smartphone USB charging plug. The OMNI50 is every tradesman’s dream come true.

  • Detachable 5-10 hour Li-Ion Battery
  • Aluminium & Polycarbonate construction
  • Charge Indicator
  • USB charging dock for smartphones etc
  • Bluetooth Speaker

OMNI Hybrid 20 | 1800+ lumen

Part number: TKHY20

360 degrees of bright white light, these hassle free lights are very popular in the construction and engineering industries. The hybrid system means it can be hardwired or run off a battery pack in power outages.

  • High quality materials
  • Aluminium & Polycarbonate construction
  • Hard-wired or battery powered
  • Takes less than 10 seconds to set up

FoldUP20 | 1800+ lumen

Part number: TK20FUP

All new Folding Rechargeable LED worklight with anti-glare diffused lens. The FoldUP easily stows away for when you need it most. It has 3 different lighting modes that give up to 10 hours of bright diffused light – great for working on fine details.

  • High power diffused light reduces glare and shadowing
  • IP65 Waterproof and IK08 impact resistant – built to last
  • Up to 10 hour working time with battery level indicator