The Original FLOOD-IT.

FLOOD-IT were and still are the original leaders in rechargeable LED floodlights. With new models including the Pocket, this professional range of tools serve thousands of people in the trade daily.

POCKET | 500+ lumen

Part number: TKUT10

Equipped with a 2-way USB In & Out plug, this powerful pocket sized LED worklight doubles up as a convenient emergency power pack for your ancillary items such as smartphones.

  • SOS Flashing Function
  • Professional Build Quality
  • Lightweight & Pocket Sized

PRO | 700+ lumen

Part Number: TK10YCW

The PRO range is a portable light that works with high quality lithium-ion batteries and LED chips giving clear bright light for up to 4 hours on one charge, meaning you can push on and get the job done.
The PRO comes with mains and in-car charger so you can charge the battery on the go.

  • Super versatile and lightweight
  • Range of available accessories
  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • Mains and car charger included

PRO CAMO | 700+ lumen

Part Number: TK10CACW

Same great specification as the PRO with the popular Camo paint job, a big favourite with the outdoors enthusiasts!

  • Super versatile and lightweight
  • Range of available accessories
  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • Mains and car charger included

PRIME | 1500+ lumen

Part Number: TK20YCW

The high power LED light that offers a robust and reliable solution to portable lighting in tough situations.
Used by railway maintenance, the coast guard and the Emergency Services. No trailing leads, no generator just safe portable lighting.

  • Ideal for lighting a scene
  • No trailing leads
  • No generators
  • Mains and car charger included

PRIME8 | 1500+ lumen

Part Number: TK20GCW8D

The choice of engineers and the emergency services alike, the PRIME8 provides high power light for up to 30 hours
The PRIME8 is a high power cordless rechargeable floodlight with an endurance battery pack and dimmer switch.

With a standard working time of 9 hours that can be extended to 30 hours, it has become the rechargeable floodlight of choice for professionals working in extreme environments.

FREE Car Charger included for charging on the move.

The BEAST | 3500+ lumen

Part Number: TK50YCWD

The Beast is a highly portable, versatile cordless site light. Removing the need for generators and cumbersome halogen lighting. The BEAST is 100% portable, with a rechargeable battery making this an ideal solution to site lighting in challenging conditions.
The BEAST comes equipped with an integrated dimmer switch, this allows the user to adjust the output of the LED light to extend the battery for up to 12 hours from a single charge.