What makes a FLOOD-IT® so special?

The important driver that goes inside led floodlights to regulate charge

Safety Drivers

the LED chips insde our rechargeable floodlights

Quality LED Chips

Premium quality rechargeable lithium ion batteries

Premium Li-Ion Batteries

The exclusive FLOOD-IT® range is available internationally through thousands of outlets in the USA and Canada. Since the inaugural FLOOD-IT® Mobile cordless floodlight was introduced in 2013, our lights have quickly become tool box essentials for the professional tradesman with thousands in use every day. The reason for this is in no doubt thanks to the quality workmanship and reliable nature of our work lights. Using only high specification components and premium lithium-ion batteries sets us apart from similar products. Here at FLOOD-IT® we pride ourselves on being the market leaders and thanks to a hard working team that is operating globally, we can provide unparalleled customer service and after-care.
At FLOOD-IT® we know that you need a reliable product so we go the extra mile to ensure you get one by only using high quality components.


There’s no danger, they’re here when you need them, they’re incredibly bright – such good tools!

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