What makes a FLOOD-IT® so special?

The important driver that goes inside led floodlights to regulate charge

Safety Drivers

the LED chips insde our rechargeable floodlights

Quality LED Chips

Premium quality rechargeable lithium ion batteries

Premium Li-Ion Batteries

Available in all major international markets since 2013, the premium FLOOD-IT® brand range is the original LED cordless rechargeable floodlight, and considered the best.

This premium brand is available in thousands of outlets throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and other significant international markets.

The totally mobile FLOOD-IT® brand range of cordless rechargeable floodlights very quickly became a tool box essential for the professional tradesman.

With thousands of potential applications, they are used daily, within both the work place and domestically.

We at FLOOD-IT® use only high specification components, premium grade lithium-ion batteries and quality workmanship to set ourselves apart from similar products, thereby ensuring the always reliable nature of our work lights.

FLOOD-IT® is the market leader, constantly expanding its brand offering with new, innovative and exciting products. FLOOD-IT® hard-working and proud team operate globally, and provide unparalleled customer service and after-care.

FLOOD-IT® the tool that happens to be a light, the light that happens to be a tool.

If you work, or live somewhere it gets dark, YOU NEED A FLOOD-IT®

Contact the FLOOD-IT® team at info@myfloodit.com for further details on pricing and minimum order quantities

The FLOOD-IT® product offering has recently expanded and we are proud to introduce and launch 3 collections, Handy by FLOOD-IT®, OMNI by FLOOD-IT® and the Original by FLOOD-IT® ranges.

There’s no danger, they’re here when you need them, they’re incredibly bright – such good tools!

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